• "We are a community of leaders ready to decide the future and create thriving communities"

    What is a Purpose Dinner?

    A purpose dinner is essentially a dinner party with a twist. It is not a fundraiser, but a transformative experience. As a group, we address 1-powerful question by sharing meaningful stories that create new ways for each of us to find solutions through the relationship between people and ideas.

    Approximately 8-15 like-minded people join in community with one another (either by invite or application). One universal connector across cultures is often sharing a meal that brings people together, whether it is amongst family, friends, or colleagues.

    The evening is an opportunity for the 21 Progress community to authentically connect through shared stories, lived experiences, and even struggles. Guests will participate in an engaging conversation with others who share social justice values and envision a future where all people have the opportunity to thrive.

    What are the goals?


    • Build a vision-centered community that seeks to make a movement wide impact work.
    • Create a transformative experience where we reflect, engage, and are moved to take action for social change.
    • Activate passionate people who want to make meaningful contributions through partnership and collaboration

    What to expect?

    Event Schedule:

    • 6:00 pm Guests arrive, mingling
    • 6:30 pm Guests are seated, dinner is served, the discussion begins!
    • 9:00 pm Closing words, gratitude, common themes + way to take action

    As a guest:

    • Share a personal story of impact in response to the event question (sent 1-week in advance)
    • Able to both reflect deeply on big questions and listen to stories from diverse people
    • Prepared to take action based on what you experience to strengthen your values and partnerships

    As a host:

    • Open up your home to 8-15 guests
    • Take care of providing a family style meal with 3 courses
    • Willing to share a compelling story 
  • Our First Dinner

    7.22.17. Our first ever purpose dinner

    Many thanks to our generous host, Tonita Webb and family.

  • Here's what our guests have shared

    Sometimes, you need a boost of motivation and reassurance that you are on the right path, and last night was that for me. I hope to attend more Purpose Dinners in the future and, eventually, host my own!

    - Aleca Glecer, New York City

    We loved that each story got feedback from more than one or two people and that there was enough time in advance to really think about our stories. Having dinner in someone's home made for a very personal atmosphere (and the food was good!).

    - James To and Therese Guethner, Seattle

  • Invite and application only

    Purpose dinners are not about inviting hundreds of people to a fundraising event. No tickets will be sold. If you are passionate about the mission of 21 progress and want to learn from others - we want you to attend. We are inviting and requesting people interested in this experience to fill out our brief form below. Stephenie from our team will contact you and share more about the experience.

    409 Maynard Ave S
    Suite 202
    Seattle, WA 98104